Friday, November 2, 2012

Biggie... -UPDATED-

... gets a bath!

   If there are two things that Biggie is good at it's pooping and taking baths.

Look! He's sitting! omg, too much. (also, how cloudy is his dirt-water? yick)

   I am so effing blessed to have such a chill little dude when it comes to bath time. I really should dole them out more often but a wet dog — even a well-behaved one — is a wet dog.

    He's not so cool when it comes to the drying, though. He wavers between being appreciative and gettin' rascally:

  My favourite part about bath time is how spikey he gets afterward. He's my punkrock lil' pug. (jesus christ, I'm fucking lame).

   (last Christmas, my parents bought Biggie this biodegradable shampoo. It smells like flowers, play-doh, and pine. I love it).



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