Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Biggie hates... UPDATED

... having his nails clipped.

   This dog is the absolute most irrational piece of shit when it comes to getting his nails done. It is never not a struggle and it always ends in carnage.
   This video is from earlier this year — listen carefully to hear him summoning dog demons from the depths of hell:

 Yes, we're laughing at him. It seems totally cruel but there's just no other way. He's been in our lives for eight (for Elliott) and five (for me) years and knows he has to get his nails clipped but still won't chill.
   We rarely hit his little dog-vein and if/when we do he totally deserves the accident by being a dick.
   We've tried more positions than a middle-aged couple rediscovering their sexuality; the only stress-free nail session Biggie has ever had was when some blonde woman from Orillia cinched him up on a metal table and had at him.

ah hah! the correlating picture of the one successful attempt

Never has it worked in any other environment.
   Here's a more recent video (from today). You can see that we've gotten so. much. better at this.

Check out the souvenir he left me : 

He's awful.

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